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We're a data-first company helping businesses increase productivity through a combination of process automation and optimization

Most Wrasses are cleaner fish. They help the other fish groom by feeding off dead skin cells on their bodies. At Wrasse tech we aim to make businesses leaner yet more efficient by building tools that help automate and monitor the mundane and repetitive processes and tasks through the use of Machine Learning and other related technologies.

Many businesses are starting to utilize their data assets, however, to fully benefit from the power of AI they must invest in creating an AI-worthy data environment. Wrasse was founded with the goal of helping such businesses accelerate the development of internal systems to make it easy for them to embrace digital transformation through the adoption of Process Automation and optimization.


We’ve got everything you need to accelerate your business growth.


Robotic Process Automation

We help you automate repetitive tasks so that your staff can focus on serving customers. Let’s chat about bespoke solutions around BPM automation like RPA like automated KRA tax filing, KRA pin verifications, etc.  Learn more...


Communication Dashboards

Reach and engage your audiences intimately over low-cost communication platforms and tools like voice, SMS, or WhatsApp. We've built the next generation of language tools to help you do more like Charon.  Learn more...


Business Intelligence

How do you measure performance? Do you know your customers well enough? We’ll help you design and build custom dashboards and analytics solutions that give you 360 degree view of the health of your business.  Learn more...


Risk Mitigation Algorithms

We're experts in building risk mitigation tools like credit scoring and portfolio risk monitoring solutions. Talk to us about a demo on how to de-risk credit decisioning using machine learning technology.  Learn more...

api development

API Development

We'll develop and deploy your custom APIs for web and mobile and help you think through your API strategy. Let’s chat if you are looking to build a new backend solution or just revamping an existing one.  Learn more...


DevOps Tooling

We’ll help deploy your CI/CD pipeline to get you into production faster, automate builds, deployments, testing and QA; handle security and scaling for your apps on GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean, Ansible, Jenkins etc.  Learn more...

Why choose us?

Wondering why should you should choose us over a custom-made BPA solution? Well, here's why.

We're an enterprise-friendly solutions provider. Whether you need to customize an existing solution or develop an entirely new product for a use case not yet supported by existing off-the-shelf solutions, we've got you covered. We will work with you to map, measure, and develop a bespoke solution that caters to your specific need(s).

Are you thinking of optimizing your business process workflows across your entire business or organization? Rest assured that Wrasse Tech can help. We will work with you to model your processes in BPMN 2.0 standard; help you execute the processes, as well as monitor them for bottlenecks and other areas requiring optimization. Our approach simplifies complicated workflows making it easy for all stakeholders to understand.

You have our full attention whether you're a company of 5 or 1000+, our team is always on hand to assist with any technical issue.






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Automation has now emerged as a key differentiator in a post pandemic world enabling digital first businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Want to know how you too can get started?

Our Approach

needs analysis


Discovery and Analysis

  • Initial assessment of automation needs and objectives
  • Assessment of existing systems, data, and processes
  • Architecture definition and solution design mapping
  • Technology Consulting

Solution Development

  • Solution development and customization
  • Extension of current IT systems with custom add-ons and plugins
  • Full documentation of the delivered solution/functionalities
  • Staff Training: Admin and End-users
  • Comprehensive testing and UAT


Integration and Deployment

  • Solution integration; if API-based
  • Data integration
  • Enterprise Deployment/implementation

Maintenance and Support

  • Profiling, detection of bottlenecks, and fixing productivity flaws
  • Migration to newer platforms and product versions
  • Set-up of technical support L1-L3 for monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes.

  • Automation can lead to streamlined processes that result in clear accountability, customizable notifications, valuable insights, and faster turnaround which make it easier to eliminate wasteful activities and focus on enhancing tasks that add value.

  • Any activity that is high volume, requires multiple people to execute, is time-sensitive, significantly impacts other processes and systems, and requires compliance and audit trails is a candidate for automation, examples include employee onboarding, payroll, invoicing, data aggregation, and migration.

  • Automation can result in transparent business processes, efficiency which leads to productivity, faster turnaround times thus cost reduction due to limited manual interventions. Employees are also freed to focus on more rewarding tasks that require human judgment and effort.

  • A clear understanding of tasks involved and people involved, clearly defined goals to aid course correction, phased approach to measure results, sufficient staff training during the adjustment period, and a long term ROI outlook.

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